Homemade Cucuzza


2 T olive oil

2 cucuzza

1 purple onion

mixture of sweet peppers

2 T garlic (or more for your taste)

coconut sugar to your taste

2 T of double concentrate tomato paste

1 jar of tomato sauce

water (I fill my pot 1/2 way depending on thickness you like)

parmesan cheese


Coat a large pot with olive oil and put on medium heat.

Cut up a purple onion, peppers, and cucuzza. Add onions, peppers, and garlic to the pot and cook down. 

Add tomato paste. Cook until the color gets somewhat dark.

Add water, tomato sauce, coconut sugar, and cucuzza. 

Cook for 1 to 3 hours on medium/low heat.

Top with parmesan cheese.


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