My First Coach Retreat


My First Coach Retreat

Last Sunday, I attended my first health coach retreat! I was so excited to finally meet my team in person for the first time and spend time with Missy Meaux, my health coach. Being a part of this group has helped me tremendously with my health and fitness goals; these ladies and our Team Reignite Your Light have played a huge part in my success.

Since joining Beachbody a year and a half ago, I have interacted almost daily with members of this group. We have communicated through our FB coaching group, online, Zoom app, and text messages as a way to hold each other accountable, talk about our successes, encourage through the struggles, and continue to challenge ourselves. Knowing that I have others who share the same vision has made such an impact on my health and wellness, and I owe them a huge amount of gratitude.

Beautiful False River in New Roads, LA

Coach Rona picked me up early, and we headed to False River to Missy’s beautiful camp in New Roads. When we arrived, she welcomed us with big hugs. Missy, Rona, Anna, Dawn, and I starting talking right away as if we had known each other for years. Missy guided the discussion by answering our individual questions, as well as leading us in conversations about coaching and motivating others. We discussed our group read, Annie F. Downs’s devotional book called 100 Days to Brave, which discusses ways to be courageous through the author’s life stories. So many of her challenges fit in perfectly with our team’s discussions. Downs states, “If there are seeds of courage living in all of us, waiting to bloom, words are the sun and the water that cheer on those seeds to their fullness” (111). I feel our group can relate to Downs’s words and her Day 49 Be Brave questions: Who can you encourage today? Who needs to know that you are cheering for them? Sharing my story has taken courage, but it is such a good feeling to help someone who reaches out for help. Besides helping ourselves to live as healthy as we can, our team’s mission is to help others.

”It takes bravery to put yourself out there and ask someone to give you some of his or her wisdom.”

~Annie F. Downs 
100 Days to Brave

Lunch time arrived quickly, and we sat down together for a healthy lunch. Missy prepared a delicious salad with air fried shrimp or chicken. We also had a fruit, vegetable, and cheese tray. While enjoying lunch, we shared some favorite recipes, talked about the air fryer and how easy it is to use. After lunch, it was exercise time with Morning Meltdown 100’s workout 80: Revibe (found on Beachbody On Demand), which is a relaxing workout of stretches that can ease tension. It was the perfect workout for our retreat.

Afterward, we spent some time outside on the deck enjoying the view of False River. We had fun taking pictures and discussing any other questions we had about the business. I learned a great deal about the use of social media, making posts, and the different apps that can be used to help promote my business. Before wrapping up my first coaching retreat, we went back inside and made our favorite Shakeology (Chocolate Vegan with banana, peanut butter, and spinach for me. View my recipe here!). My first Coach’s retreat was an amazing experience, and I look forward to the next one.

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