If You Want It, You Can Do It!


If You Want It, You Can Do It!

I have always loved to exercise and have exercised my entire life. It has been a way to relieve the day-to-day stress that I feel from a long workday. Exercise is proven to help people have more energy.  However, even with exercise, I was unable to get to my desired weight.  When the scale kept creeping up a year and a half ago at the age of 55, I knew I had to do something.  My body was changing and my metabolism slowing, so I looked to my hairdresser for advice. 

My hairdresser Jana and I always talk about healthy recipes and exercise when I go in for my hair appointments.  She is the picture of health – in shape, watches what she eats, always looks beautiful. She knew I exercised, had a gym membership, and listened to me as I explained my disappointment with my scale not lowering; it was rising. She suggested I reach out to Missy who is now my health coach.

Missy is a retired registered nurse, a health and mindset coach, and a mother who has been with Beachbody for five years. Since last March, with Missy’s guidance, support, and motivation, I am down 27 pounds!  I feel great, have more energy, and feel driven to share this new knowledge with others who want it!

I feel great, have more energy, and feel driven to share this new knowledge with others who want it!

Missy recommended I join Beachbody on Demand with the 80 Day Obsession/Shakeology Challenge pack.  I was doubtful, thinking mainly of the expense, because I have always financially struggled.  I was trying to figure out a way I could afford another monthly fee.  However, something in me kept telling me that I should do this! I joined and began 80 Day Obsession immediately.  I was amazed at the amount of materials on Beachbody on Demand – hundreds of exercise programs, eating plans, and even a cooking show that interested me.

My Shakeology order would take a week to arrive, and I could not wait for it to come in. Shakeology is a daily dose of dense nutrition.  It can replace any main meal. With Missy’s advice, I ordered the chocolate vegan.  When it arrived, I fixed my first shake by just adding water, took my first sip, and I thought, I cannot do this!  I have never been a milk or shake drinker, so I did not want to add milk to my shake.  I did not like it.  I was disappointed, so I called Missy.  

She said, “Kathryn, do you want to make a change?  Give it ONE month!”  She then shared many Shakeology recipes with me.  I found one that I now love, and I have had a Shakeology drink ever since for breakfast. Check out the recipe here.

After about a month, I saw a noticeable difference when I was ready for lunch. It did curb my cravings and maintained my energy levels. I now knew that I was getting a healthy breakfast each day. Exercising was never a problem for me; however, I had to make a plan for healthy lunches, dinners, and snacks.  My journey to good health began with that realization.  Are you ready to begin your journey to healthy living?

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